TalentI am a composer and singer, and also a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With my wife Jana we were given two precious gifts, our daughter Klára (Claire), and our son Daniel.

Music is also "a gift from God" to me, and my greatest hobby.

I started to play piano at the age of six. I composed my first song when I was ten, when my sister taught me first three chords. Then I started to compose new songs or translate some for our worship band called Benefit. We recorted our first demo and played a few concerts, mainly in Churches in Olomouc.

Later, when our group finished, I started to lerd how to record songs in my first "home studio." Within ten years I recorded my first three albums (You have no chance on your own, I want nothing more, OK). Now after 10 years I finnished my new album called "4". I hope you like it. :-)

DětiPetr Coufal was born in 1973 in Olomouc in the Czech Republic. His love for music was vivid since his childhood. Comming from musical family, he behan to play piano as a six year old, started toplay quitar since ten. That is when he composed his first song (on his Album "Nechci nic víc, song no 1). 

As a teenager he playd in a big-beat band called Benefit, highly influenced by groups like Petra, White Heart or singers like Amy Grant or Michela W. Smith. His desire was to record some demo of this group, which they did record, and broke up. :-)

After one year stay in the USA he began to study theology in Prague. There he started his interest in home recording, and this became his biggest hobby. Since 1995 Petr recorded four solo albums ("You have no chance on your own," "I want nothing more", "OK", "4"), and performed couple concerts every year.

S JanouAlways learning the skills of home studio recording. As always he records most of the vocals and instruments himself and invites a few freinds to play along. In October 2012 he recorded and produced his new album 4, which he worked on and polished for past 4 years.